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Whether you manage a community hall, church, hospital, shopping mall, seniors’ lodge, school, penitentiary, or government facility, you will almost certainly have a kitchen or a cooking facility with an exhaust system to maintain. It’s important to keep on top of that maintenance because without expert cleaning, you and your employees and patrons could be at risk of a number of fire hazards or fail inspections from the fire department.

To get the required PAC-certified and -qualified cleaning, you should call Professional Power Wash or come into our Calgary office. After providing over 35 years of cleaning service to communities around Alberta, we know how important both your environment and your schedule are. We’re willing to be flexible and work with both so that we can meet your needs as best as possible without interrupting your revenue-generating hours. 

If you have already received a fire or health inspection notice, let us know as soon as possible so that we can reach you in a timely manner and prevent any pending closure or other action by the fire department or insurance companies.

We look forward to working with you! You can get in touch with us in person, by phone, through this page’s online form, or through our quote page.

We serve communities from Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer to Calgary and Wetaskiwin. Click here to learn more about our service areas.


C2-624 Beaver Dam Rd. NE

Calgary, AB T2K 4W6

F: 403-230-3781

Specializing in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning and Degreasing
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