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Reduce your worry of fire safety when you use our professional cleaning services for your cooking facility.


While making sure your commercial kitchen is able to produce quality food is important, you also need to be sure that it doesn’t pose a fire hazard, so that you, your employees, and any visiting patrons are kept safe. This means maintaining your Kitchen Exhaust system with consistent, professional and thorough cleanings; this service needs to be performed by certified professionals to ensure that your facility is compliant with Insurance, City Bylaws, and National Fire Codes. Professional Power Wash prides itself in servicing diverse clients such as restaurants, Commercial facilities, Government facilities, Healthcare facilities, schools and daycares, hotels and places of worship, in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Professional Power Wash has over 40 years of experience in servicing a range of Kitchen Exhaust systems, including, but not limited to Solid Fuel Systems, Ecology Units, UV Systems, and Air Makeup Units. Our technicians undergo extensive training to become legally certified to clean these systems, making sure that both ourselves and our clients are staying compliant with your region’s Bylaws and Fire Code Regulations.

When our technicians come to service your facility, they clean the canopies, filters, fans and accessible ductwork. Upon completion and payment, Certificate decals are issued for each system to verify that they have been cleaned and are compliant with NFPA safety standards, which are affixed to each canopy for inspection purposes. Going forward, after your cleaning, our administration is here to help you maintain a regular cleaning schedule by sending you email notifications reminding you when your system is coming and are here to answer questions that you may have about future maintenance.

Whether you’re in the process of looking for regular maintenance cleaning, undergoing renovations or in the process of changing ownership, Professional Power Wash is here to cater to your Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning needs.


  • Complying with NFPA 96 Standards not only protects everyone inside and around your facility but also improves the functionality and longevity of your system

  • Having the required hinge kits on your exhaust system fan makes it safer and more efficient to maintain your fan and access connected duct work, prolonging the life of the fan

  • Cleaning a newly installed system before use helps check your system for flaws and defects, in case anything needs to be reported to the contractor before your warranty is finished

  • Solid Fuel/Wood Burning Systems are to be cleaned monthly, due to the amount of buildup in your system, during such a short period

If you have any questions about kitchen exhaust system cleaning or want to discuss your facility’s needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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